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Sunrise Enterprises

We specialize in versatile prefabricated structures for various industries. From labor camps to site offices, industrial enclosures to shelters, we provide customized solutions. Our high-quality structures ensure comfortable living and efficient working environments. With quick installation and cost-effectiveness, we deliver superior results.

Our Services

Labor Camp

Our company specializes in the construction of versatile Prefabricated Worker Accommodations, specifically designed to cater to the needs of workers in labor camps.

Site Office

Perfect for mobile businesses like construction companies or those operating in multiple locations. Avoid costly temporary office setups or rentals and embrace our ideal solution.

Manager/Engineer Block

Elevate productivity with our Manager/Engineer Block - a cost-effective, high-quality prefab solution for efficient workspaces. Contact us today for innovative solutions tailored to your industry's needs.


Experience customizable modular solutions for equipment storage with our shelters. Built with insulated sandwich panels, they protect electrical equipment while maintaining temperature, ensuring safety and easy on-site installation.


specializes in delivering various types of Pre-Engineered Buildings in India. With steel and PUF panel construction, our structures, including warehouses, showrooms, cold storage, and factory sheds, are easily erected on-site for different commercial applications.

Prefabricated Farm House

Experience our high-quality Prefabricated Farmhouses, Homes, and Buildings designed with beautiful European aesthetics and English colors. Enjoy a comfortable space for family living while reducing construction costs and simplifying your homebuilding experience

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  • Customer-centric Approach
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Pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) are structural buildings that are engineered and manufactured off-site. They are composed of steel frames and roof/wall panels, which are assembled on-site. PEBs offer versatility for industrial facilities, warehouses, commercial buildings, and more. They provide advantages such as faster construction, cost-effectiveness, design flexibility, durability, and resilience to environmental conditions. PEBs are a popular choice due to their efficient construction process and customizable features. With off-site manufacturing and on-site assembly, pre-engineered buildings offer a modern and efficient solution for various construction needs.

Pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) offer significant advantages in construction. They ensure faster project completion due to off-site fabrication and streamlined processes. PEBs are cost-effective, thanks to efficient material usage and reduced labor requirements. These buildings provide design flexibility to meet specific project requirements. With high-quality steel construction, PEBs offer durability and structural integrity to withstand diverse environmental conditions. They can incorporate energy-efficient features, reducing long-term operational costs. PEBs are also environmentally friendly, as they can be made from recycled materials and are highly recyclable themselves.

Pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) primarily utilize steel as the main construction material. Steel is chosen for its strength, durability, and versatility in structural applications. PEBs may incorporate insulation materials like PUF or mineral wool for enhanced thermal and acoustic properties. The roof and wall panels of PEBs can be made of steel sheets, aluminum, fiberglass, or composite panels. These panels offer weather resistance, durability, and aesthetic options. Overall, PEBs rely on steel and additional materials like insulation and panels to create efficient and robust building structures.

The construction time for a pre-engineered building (PEB) varies based on factors like size, complexity, and site conditions. On average, PEBs can be constructed in a few weeks to a few months. Efficient assembly techniques and off-site fabrication contribute to the shorter construction duration of PEBs. Smaller and simpler PEBs can be erected in a shorter time frame, while larger and more complex projects may require several months. PEBs offer faster construction compared to traditional methods, allowing for quicker project completion and occupancy.


  • Earthquake/Cyclone Resistance
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Construction Speed
  • Non-Combustible
  • Economical
  • Heat & Sound Insulation
  • Durable & Robust
  • Termite Resistance

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"Absolutely loved the prefabricated structure for our site office! Quick installation and a comfortable working space. Highly recommended!"
Vikas Singh Choudhary
"The labor camp accommodations provided by surise enterprises were outstanding. The workers were pleased with the comfortable living spaces. Great job!"
Miss. Nandita Sharma
The warehouse solution offered by sunrise exceeded our expectations. The sturdy construction and efficient storage capabilities have greatly improved our operations. Very satisfied!
Nilkamal Modi
"The prefabricated farm house from sunrise was a game-changer for us. It's beautifully designed, cost-effective, and saved us so much time during construction. Highly impressed!"
Kamlesh Paliwal