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Our Services

Our Services

1 Labor Camp

Our company specializes in the construction of versatile Prefabricated Worker Accommodations, specifically designed to cater to the needs of workers in labor camps.

2 Site Office

Perfect for mobile businesses like construction companies or those operating in multiple locations. Avoid costly temporary office setups or rentals and embrace our ideal solution.

3 Manager/Engineer Block

Achieve noise and heat reduction with our ideal solution for machinery and equipment. Our versatile structures meet storage needs and enable effective monitoring in diverse manufacturing plants.

4 Shelters

Experience customizable modular solutions for equipment storage with our shelters. Built with insulated sandwich panels, they protect electrical equipment while maintaining temperature, ensuring safety and easy on-site installation.

5 Warehouse

specializes in delivering various types of Pre-Engineered Buildings in India. With steel and PUF panel construction, our structures, including warehouses, showrooms, cold storage, and factory sheds, are easily erected on-site for different commercial applications.

6 Prefabricated Farm House

Experience our high-quality Prefabricated Farmhouses, Homes, and Buildings designed with beautiful European aesthetics and English colors. Enjoy a comfortable space for family living while reducing construction costs and simplifying your homebuilding experience.

7 Prefabricated Worker Camp

Ensure quality accommodation for workers with our versatile range of Labour Camps or Colonies, including Temporary Sheds, Prefabricated Camps, Hutments, and Colonies. Built with superior materials, our structures are known for their sturdiness, quick installation, and cost-effectiveness.

8 Prefab Mess

Our Prefabricated Canteens and Staff Messes are meticulously designed to meet strict client requirements. Manufactured using top-notch techniques and materials, our temporary staff accommodations are tested for quality and delivered at a reasonable cost, ensuring an unharmed structure.

9 Security & Guard Cabins

We offer a range of security cabins, including prefab gate security cabins, gatehouse security cabins, portable security cabins, and portable security guard cabins. Experience portable and reliable security solutions with our high-quality cabins.

10 Prefab Toilets

Experience quick installation and high-quality Portable Toilets for Construction Sites, known for their easy assembly, durability, and safety features like earthquake and fire resistance insulation. Our products are designed to meet market demands and delivered within the specified timeline.

11 Prefab Laboratory

Experience cost-effective and flexible prefabricated laboratories, offering enhanced security and shorter procurement times compared to traditional construction. Our modular labs are designed to accommodate various applications, from temporary setups to long-term specialized laboratory needs.

12 Civil Store

13 1-2-3-6 Seater Structure

14 PM Residence

15 Camp Fansing

16 Civil Work

17 Store Room

18 Tank Slab

19 Toll Building

20 Water Tank

21 Cement Godown